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About 123.hp.com/setup: Complete HP Printer Setup Solution

123.hp.com/setup is a web address where you get instant solution, help, complete assistance and step-by-step guidance for your setup, installation, driver download, troubleshooting tips for all HP printers. You just need to click on the right service which you want such as set up the printer with the right guidance and troubleshooting all the printer errors. If you are also using HP printers then it is essential that you are aware about the benefits of using an advanced HP printer. 123.hp.com/setup website is all-in-one solution for home use as well as office use.

If you are a new user having a new modern HP printer then you need a proper guidance for setup of your printer. Setting up your HP printer is an easy task but you need to have complete knowledge about it. In this page, you will get all the information about HP printer setup, steps for downloading HP printer drivers, installation of printer drivers, mobile printing, troubleshooting tips and many more. Let’s start with proper HP printer guidance.


Quick Steps to Setup Your HP Printer via 123.hp.com/setup

If you are a new user and brought a new HP printer for the first time then you should know the way to set up your printer properly. At 123.hp.com/setup page you will get all the useful information related to the HP Printer. Follow all the instructions step by step carefully to start the setup process:

  • First bring out your HP printer from the printer box.
  • Place your printer at a clean, dry, safe and flat surface carefully.
  • In the next step, remove all the packaging material and tapes all around it.
  • Also, remove the tapes from inside of your printer that sealing the various parts of the printer.
  • Plug-in the power cord of your printer into the working electrical outlet.
  • After that press the power button of your printer due to which your printer will start blinking.
  • Now, go to the screen of your printer and setup date, language, region and every detail for which it asks to setup.
  • Take out the HP printer original ink cartridge from the box.
  • After that, open the door of ink cartridge and insert ink in the appropriate place. In case, you don’t know the way to insert the ink cartridges then take help from the printer manual or our professional experts.
  • Close the door of the ink cartridge and after that you will get the message on your screen.
  • Take A4 size printing sheets and then put enough sheets into the input tray of your printer. Make sure that your HP printer will align both ink cartridges and A4 size sheets.
  • Now, a message displays on your screen asking for the connection setup. Once, you done with the basic setup of your HP printer, proceed further towards the network connection of your 123.hp.com printer.

Steps for HP Printer Connection Setup Using USB Cable via 123.hp.com/setup

Are you looking for the steps for establishing the connection for your HP printer? Well, at 123.hp.com/setup you will get all the steps. Follow below steps for HP printer connection setup using USB cable:

  • In your computer or network router, USB cable ports are given which are used to plug-in Ethernet cable or USB cable.
  • Most of the computers or laptops are connected are connected through a wired network by built-in ethernet port.
  • Both Ethernet cables or USB cables are two different things from the ones that you are using to connect your mobile phones.
  • Insert one port of the USB cable into the computer and another one in your HP printer.
  • After that follow all on-screen instructions and install the driver software of your HP printer via accessing 123.hp.com/setup web page.

Steps for HP Printer Connection Setup Using Ethernet Cable via 123.hp.com/setup

Follow below instructions carefully for HP printer connection setup by using an ethernet cable through 123.hp.com/setup:

  • The first step is to make sure that you have an appropriate Ethernet cable to support your HP printer model.
  • When you have selected the connection type during the installation process then ensure that you have choose Wired Network or Ethernet option.
  • For HP printer setup, you need a network router, a switch or hub with Ethernet ports if your router does not have any free ports.
  • In the next step, connect the Ethernet ports with router and printer.
  • By following these methods, you have established the connection between network router and your HP printer.

How to Establish Printer Wireless Connection via 123.hp.com/setup?

Follow below steps carefully to establish the HP printer wireless connection through 123.hp.com/setup:

  • Find and press wireless button on your HP printer.
  • If the blue light blinks on your printer then it means that your printer is ON. After that, click on settings on-screen of your HP printer.
  • In the next step, select wireless setup wizard option and click on YES button.
  • Now, you have to follow all on-screen instructions for wireless connection setup.
  • Your printer will detect all the available networks of the router present all around you.
  • After that, select your router from the list appears on your screen. Enter the password of the network to connect.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and confirm the wireless network connection.

Simple Steps for HP Printer Driver Download via 123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup Printer Driver Download for Mac Devices

Go through the below instructions step by step for printer driver download and setup for Mac OS:

  • Firstly, check your Mac OS version before initiating to download the printer driver and move to the process of HP printer installation.
  • Use CD/ DVD driver to save surfing time if CD/DVD is given with the printer for the driver installation. For this, you only need to insert the driver into the player.
  • The system will take some time to detect the HP printer driver. Once it detects, it will show you all necessary packages. You need to choose one to initiate the process.
  • If the system asks to feed the details then enter all the information and submit it to continue further. As a result of it, printer driver starts to download on Mac devices.
  • Now, select your HP printer to bridge the driver communication from the system preferences option. Once you done with this process, a pop-up message will appear on the computer screen.

123.hp.com/setup Printer Driver Download for Windows Devices

Following are the instructions that are required for HP printer driver installation on windows devices:

  • Firstly, check your computer OS and continue the process. Also, check the system properties of your computer to decide better options for you.
  • After verifying all the properties, visit 123.hp.com/setup for driver download. Enter the model number of your printer into the search field to get the better option of driver download for your printer.
  • The whole process will take some time to show you the list of the drivers. You can select any option from the list. Ensure that you read the features provided in the package.
  • In the next step, click on the download button to start the downloading process. Once the downloaded process is completed, you will see a notification of Setup.exe file is downloaded on the taskbar.
  • At last, run the downloaded driver or software to set the package internally. You will get the notification of success message on the display when the download process is done successfully.

Platform Support by 123.hp.com/setup

If you want to improve operations of 123.hp.com/setup printer or wants to make better as well as qualifies printouts then it is essential to choose all the required platform support with faster activities. Choose the compatible platform according to your printer with excellent printing process.


Windows platform is known for user-friendly and simplicity. This printer is fast and responsive that fulfils all the requirement of a user in user-interface form. At 123.hp.com/setup, you will get complete guide for windows operating system computers and laptops.


HP printers are supported by Mac OS X with its separate features. Mac platforms ensures the compatibility of 123.hp.com/setup HP printer models. If you find any difficulty with your Mac operating HP printer then access 123.hp.com/setup where you will get the solution to resolve the errors. Smart Phone

If you want to print from your Android devices to your HP printer via WiFi network then access 123.hp.com/setup webpage. It enables the smart applications to support the distant works. Now, HP printer users can connect their printers with smartphones to get instant HD prints.

Complete Procedure to Setup HP Printer at 123.hp.com/setup

After buying the HP printer, you need to prepare and setup your printer so that you get amazing printing experience.

123.hp.com Printer Driver Download

Printer drivers are software that you can downloaded from 123.hp.com/setup which enables the printing process in printers. Before starting the printing process, make sure you have downloaded the setup and driver file in your system.

123.hp.com Printer Wireless Connection

Connecting your printer with a network is essential because latest HP printers does not print without an internet connection. HP printers offers you an option of wireless network to connect your 123.hp.com printer wirelessly.

123.hp.com Printer Mobile Printing

With HP printers, you will get easy and worth mobile printing experience. You can print from your 123.hp.com printers by using your smartphone from anywhere in all over the world.

123.hp.com Printer Troubleshooting Tips

HP printer is a machine with which you can face some serious issues. Due to some glitches and errors, your HP printer may face problems or fails to print. You can fix these printers issues with troubleshooting tips.

123.hp.com Printer Smart App

HP printer smart app is very useful for printer users as it allows them to use the printer’s function completely. With HP printer smart app, you can print, copy, scan the documents and receive or send a fax.

Steps for HP Printer Wireless Configuration Setup via 123.hp.com/setup

With 123.hp.com/setup wireless printer configuration, you can connect all WiFi equipment. To know steps for setting up HP printer wireless network, follow below instructions carefully at 123.hp.com/setup:

  • Firstly, go to the control panel of your HP printer and search for the WiFi direct choices.
  • Once you find WiFi direct choice, click on it. After that scroll down to get the option settings.
  • In case, you find the alternative Turn On option then press on it. It enables WiFi on your HP printer.
  • The direct WiFi technique will allows you to connect with five wireless devices at a time.
  • If your device has a USB connection then you can also use this technique.
  • Before proceeding further, check the internet connection of your device.
  • In the next step, open the software for 123.hp.com printer. Go to the tools and open the Device Setup Software.
  • After that select connect a fresh device option.
  • Click on the wireless choice for up to five wireless devices.
  • By following above steps, you will complete the wireless configuration for your HP printers.
  • Your HP printer promotes the wireless setup HP printer for various mobile devices. Visit 123.hp.com/setup and know the steps to set up wireless internet on a printer.
Process We Follow

Step 1: Tell us issue related to HP printers

Step 2: Proper diagnosis of the problem

Step 3: Instant solution of the printer issue

Step 4: Tips for HP printers

Steps for Mobile Printing through ePrint via 123.hp.com/setup

  • If you want to do mobile printing through ePrint, you need a printer, an android smartphone and an ePrint application that you can download from the play store of your mobile phone.
  • In the next step, check whether your printer 123.hp.com/setup and mobile phone are connected to the same network or not.
  • By opening ePrint app, you can see the list of all the printer in the network, all the printing services nearby your HP printer and the printers that you have added before in the network for your printer at 123.hp.com/setup.
  • By entering the email address of your HP printer, the application will send an activation code to the email address. After that check the four digital alpha numeric activation code that send to the email address.
  • At last, enter the activation code in your android device in the ePrint application. Now, click in the consecutive page of your printer application. The printer name enabled web service connected on the same network as the mobile device.

Steps for Mobile Printing through AirPrint via 123.hp.com/setup

  • 123.hp.com printers make instant and simple wireless printing for iOS mobile devices. Mobile phone and an active network connection are needed for the setup of iOS mobile device.
  • In the next step, check whether mobile and your printer are connected to the same active network or not.
  • Enable the AirPrint option in HP printer settings.
  • After that select the document that you want to print through air from your iOS device to the printer. After that click on the share icon and print option by entering the total number of copies that you want to print.
  • Make sure that your iOS device is updated with the latest version of operating system and your HP printer is installed with the latest firmware.
  • AirPrint application increases productivity and efficiency of your business by decreasing the time you spend on the printing process. This app also eases the process of use and provide flexibility to the office staff to be connected with the same office network.

Printer Technical Support at 123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup provides complete support for all the problems related to HP printers 24 x7. It provides the solutions for all the problems with 123.hp.com printers. Our professional expert team helps on printer installation, setup, connection setup and troubleshooting. It is easy to handle and fix the issues related to 123.hp.com printers to meet the business needs.

Online Support

Struggling in setup as well as installation of your HP printer? Just make a call to our professional experts. We are just a call away. Our technical support team provide online assistance and would help you in setup of your HP printer in front of your eyes in few minutes. You can also download all the software of your printer model at 123hp.com/setup

Setup and Install

To make your printer running, you will have to setup your HP printer and install all the essential software or driver. For this, you just need to call us at our toll-free number and we will save you from the trouble. Download all the software or drivers for your printer model at 123.hp.com/setup.

Diagnose and Fix

Facing problems with your HP printer while doing the printing process? Call us for diagnosis of the problem efficiently. Our skilled technicians will help you to fix the issue without any extra charges.